About Us

Marsden B Robinson - J.P. F.C.A.(P.P.)

A Fellow of the Institute and a Justice of the Peace with over 50 years experience in Public Practice, Marsden built up one of NZ’s largest compliance sole-practices with 15 staff. He was once described by a colleague as “The Henry Ford of the accounting profession. New Zealand’s most successful businessman was his client for many years.

Now retired from public practice, he specialises in providing advice and mentoring to practitioners on fields including: practice management, compliance, quality control and the valuation, purchase, and sale of practices and blocks of fees. He has retained his Public Practice certificate in order to provide a platform for developing and testing systems using live data.

He is an experienced Expert Witness on accounting matters in litigation, arbitration, and mediation proceedings.

Marsden has been heavily involved in NZICA affairs for 25 years. His most recent involvement was as a long-serving member of the Disciplinary Tribunal. He has also served as a Councillor (8 years), a member of the Professional Conduct Committee (9 years), and various terms on the National Tax Committee, The Practice Review Board, and as a trustee of the former Fidelity Fund. You may have attended one of the many lectures and courses Masden has delivered for the institute, including his highly regarded C-E lecture series on The Companies Act in 1999.

Duane Robinson - BCom.

A specialist in Business Systems for small and medium sized businesses, Duane provides Advisory and Project Management services on the application of technology in managing Client Relationships to maximise revenue and customer satisfaction.

Duane has more than 20 years experience in Accounting, Marketing, IT Systems and General Management, across a range of relevant industries. Having started in compliance Accounting Duane's career has broadened to include Finance & Banking, Retail Marketing and e-Commerce.